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Habitué Coffeehouse & Cakes to Remember

We’ve got a wide selection of Christmas Coffees for this holiday season. We’ve brought back our two Christmas flavors that are popular year after year and we’re introducing two new coffees for you to enjoy.

Mug with hot tea standing on a chair with woolen blanket in a cozy living room with fireplace. Cozy winter day.

Holiday Blend

This annual favorite blends the flavors of chocolate, amaretto, and cherry into one unique flavor you’ll enjoy well into the Christmas season. It’s been a Christmas favorite since we opened in 2010 and it just keeps getting more popular every year.

Order Your Holiday Blend here.

Girl drinking hot coffee while walking in Christmas market decorated with holiday lights in the evening. Feeling happy in big city. Spending winter vacations in Red square, Moscow, Russia.

Winter Wonderland

This holiday favorite is a festive spin on our best-selling Signature Blend. We add a bit of coconut to our popular combination of caramel and hazelnut. A tropical Christmas treat!

Order Winter Wonderland Here.

Thoughtful young brunette woman wearing nordic print poncho look

New Flavor Profile! Hometown Christmas Blend

This new treat smells as incredible as it tastes! We’ve combined the flavors of rum, nutmeg, and cinnamon into our already smooth coffee. This coffee emanates the smells and tastes of Christmas.

Order Your Hometown Christmas Blend Here.

Cup of hot chocolate with gingerbread and candle.

It’s Back! Gingersnap Cookie

Remember the sweet gingersnap cookies that Grandma used to make at Christmas? The smell would fill the house. We’ve taken that sweet smell (and taste) and put it in our new Gingersnap Cookie coffee. Enjoy it before the holidays are gone!

Order Your Gingersnap Cookie coffee here.