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Capresso MT900 Rapid Brew – Thermal


Brewing a great cup of coffee is a science. The amount of time the water is in contact with the coffee grounds directly relates to the final taste of the brew. The MG900 coffee maker brews coffee in less than one minute per cup which means coffee will never be over extracted or bitter. The extra-large sized showerhead ensures that the coffee grounds are evenly saturated for perfect extraction with each brew. The removable water tank is completely visible without having to move the machine. The glass carafe features a drip-free pour spout and the machine will automatically keep the coffee at the perfect serving temperature for two hours after brewing. A charcoal water filter is included with the machine, and an electronic counter registers how many pots of coffee have been brewed. Once it is time to replace the filter, an automatic LED light illuminates to alert you to make the change.

Features & Benefits

•  Stainless steel-lined heating system eliminates contact with aluminum and reduces the need for decalcifying
• Brews 10 cups of coffee in under 7 minutes for maximum flavor and aroma
• Stainless steel housing for superior strength and style
• GoldTone filter is easy to clean and eliminates the need for paper filters
• Removable 50-oz water tank
• Extra-large showerhead design fully saturates ground coffee, ensuring best extraction
• Drip stop for pouring a cup while brewing
• 24-hour programmable LCD clock/timer
• Retains all programming during short power outages up to 10 seconds
• Special setting for maximum aroma when brewing 3–5 cups
• Safety auto shut-off after brewing
• Charcoal water filter
• Electronic filter indicator shows when to replace the charcoal filter

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