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Ice Cream on the Menu

In honor of Ice Cream Days, we thought we would share some of the incredible options on our menu that are made with our favorite, Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Which one is your favorite?


An affogato is a traditional Italian espresso-based treat that is appropriate to feature this month. The full name is really “affogato al cafe” or “drowned in coffee,” in Italian. The name really suits the dessert, as it consists of a scoop of Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean ice cream with a shot of freshly-extracted espresso poured over the top.


As the temperatures start to rise you’ll need something to help you stay cool. We have just the solution for you… our Flavored Latte Smoothies. We don’t use any bases or mixes, just a few simple ingredients blended together for a refreshing treat. We start with cold milk and then add fresh espresso and the flavor(s) of your choice. Next is some Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and we then top it with ice and blend. It’s a truly invigorating treat to beat the heat!


It doesn’t get more indulgent than this! We take two soft chocolate chip cookies and place a generous scoop of Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean ice cream in-between. Grab one today!


The weather is definitely starting to warm up! This month we welcome the upcoming summery weather with a refreshing Iced Vanilla Bean Latte. We start with fresh espresso and meld it with a rich, vanilla syrup. From there we add ice and cold milk and then a scoop of Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean ice cream to top it off. It doesn’t get much creamier than that. Try one today!